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The Distinctive Woman was seen walking about while John Locke and Matthew Abaddon looked on as Walt got out of school in New York City in the season 5 episode The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. She was very noticeable and her appearances seemed to defy the laws of physics. She was also wearing dark colored clothes in the same way that Jacob's Nemesis did.


Distinctive Woman crosses the street before Locke and Abaddon start speaking in car.


Distinctive Woman seen going left to right.


Distinctive Woman in lavendar sweater walks by briskly.


Yes, the distinctive Woman is wearing lavendar.


After shot of Walt coming out of school we see the Distinctive Woman again walking by briskly.


Distinctive Woman is walking more slowly (perhaps she is tired now?).


The Distinctive Woman appears confused and is crossing the street back in the direction she was previously walking briskly away from.

Fan Nicknames Edit

  • The Busty Woman
  • The Well Endowed Extra
  • Lavender Sweater Lady

Unanswered questions Edit

  • What is the significance of the Distinctive Woman?
  • Who was the "Satcheled Man" following the Distinctive Woman?
  • Is the Distinctive Woman an Other?
  • Is the Distinctive Woman good or evil?
  • Are they real?

Fan Theories Edit

  • The Distinctive Woman is working for Charles Widmore and/or Benjamin Linus to see what Locke is up to.
  • The Distinctive Woman is a time travelling stalker who is attracted to Walt and/or Locke and/or Abaddon and/or Linus (who is also in the scene somewhere).
  • Scene from Law and Order accidentally crept into Lost background. The Distinctive Woman is running away from satcheled killer who will later confess but still get off on a technicality due to invalid search warrant.
  • Distinctive Woman is a spacetime traveler trying to elude satcheled stalker.
  • Distinctive Woman is training for speedwalking championship. Satcheled man is her trainer.
  • There is no relevance to this character and this is just another example of Apophenia.
  • Distinctive Woman is the real Jacob.
  • Distinctive Woman is a manifestation of the smoke monster.
  • Distinctive Woman is Jacob's Nemesis' constant.

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