The frozen wheel was the most scientifically plausible concept on Lost. Stephen Hawking said of it "This is the greatest scientific discovery since the regular wheel." It uses MAGIC to teleport both the Island and whoever turned it through space and time. It is also covered in ice to make it more mysterious.



The Man in Black built the wheel as a means to escape the Island, until Psycho Bitch thought it would be best if we got a dramatic backstory for the MiB so she filled in the well and killed his bros (except his real bro, who wasn't a bro at all) which made him Jackface-level angry. Somebody later dug it back up but 6 seasons is not enough time to show this irrelevant detail.


Locke used the wheel because it was off its axis, even though it didn't seem to be connected to anything so couldn't be off its axis at all. Christian Shephard also appeared in this scene because we hadn't had a mysterious appearance from him in a while.


The DHARMA Initiative also stumbled upon the wheel and realised that with its magic they could manipulate time, so they could fulfil their ultimate purpose of killing Hitler. They sent a polar bear to do it, but he only ended up in Tunisia.


Ben's longstanding contest with Locke to become Jacob's favourite bitch also led to him turning the Wheel of Fortune. This turn of the wheel caused Season 5.


When anyone turns the wheel, they are sent to Tunisia. This was deliberately chosen by Jacob, with the intention that the wheel would send people to an even worse place than the Island. In this mysterious land are gullible Bedouins and black slaves of Charles Widmore, a reference to British colonialism.

Reasons for being frozenEdit

Um. Because its a frozen wheel? If it wasn't frozen, calling it a frozen wheel wouldn't make sense, now would it?


  • Despite being a frozen donkey wheel, it is not always frozen, and not always turned by donkeys.
  • Like everything in a roundish shape on Lost, it is somehow related to the DHARMA logo.

Unanswered questionsEdit

  • Did the frozen wheel make Ben's nipples go hard?
  • What would happen if you stuck your head in the light?
  • Why didn't the builder(s) make the wheel slightly smoother to turn?
  • Is Penny's listening station in the frozen wheel chamber?

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