While recuperating from the hatch, Eko decides to watch a Lost clip show. Not because he wasn't paying attention, but because this is a special 3D edition. Unfortunately, the 3D images set fire to Eko's tent and his TiVo recommends going to the drug plane to see his death which airs in one hour.

Desmond recalls using the hatch's computer to chat on MSN with a boy screen named OtherWalt815 and believes they can use the Squirrel's computer to talk with Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Locke thinks this is a good idea as he believes Mr. Eko is up to the same thing, Eko being a priest and Walt being a young boy.

Eko comes across the monster and some of his homies and quickly gets into a terf war. Eko once again uses hip-hopra to save his life, but notices the monster is starting to find it catchy.

In flashbacks, we see more of Eko's time in the hood, just after Yemi left to tour England with his rap group, U2. Eko tries to start his own group by leeching off his sibling's popularity, but encounters future members of the monster's gang who insist 20% of his earnings. Eko leaves the hood in disgrace after parents start forbidding their children to buy his albums because he has a bad influence on their social skills.

Meanwhile, Jack attempts to watch some classic films, but is annoyed to find out that Juliet has taped over them and given away the endings, particularly one entitled "Ben's Tumor". He questions whether or not he should still watch it, it is supposed to be really funny.

While Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Paulo and Nikki enjoy some more voyeur films in the Squirrel, Eko steps outside to practice some new lyrics, and is quickly gunned down by the monster in a drive-by shooting. Locke comes to help him, only too late and tells the other's Eko's last words: "Don't ever appear on Regis and Kelly or you're gone. Also, pay attention to the speed limit in Hawaii, or you'll be next".

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